Getting here


Oct. 12: Main Quad Pop-up

Nov. 9: Chadwick rm. G08

Dec. 7: Main Quad Pop-up

Jan. 11: Chadwick rm. G08

Feb 8: Chadwick rm. G08

Mar 7: Chadwick rm. G08

The Fixtures will be played at two Different Venues throughout the year, both on UCL's main campus (Gower St, London WC1E 6BS), as detailed below: 

Main Quad Pop-up:

Proceed through the main gates to campus off Gower Street, (directly across from the Cruciform building), pass Chadwick on your right, and you'll see the free standing pop-up building. Walk inside - you can't miss it.

Chadwick Rm. G08

Proceed through the main gates to campus (directly across from the Cruciform building) and Chadwick is the first building on your right. The easiest path to the room is to walk down the path between Chadwick and the Pop-up building, enter through the corner doors on your right, turn left and walk straight ahead towards G08.

Can we afford this?

We understand a lot of you will be reading this from universities outside of London, and budgeting for the event as a student society may seem daunting. That is why we've put together a few tips to help make the PUCL an affordable event to partake in!


1) Groupsave tickets


Each fixture of the PUCL requires 4 players from your team, which means buying 4 day return tickets to central London. This sounds expensive, but can be made much cheaper by choosing a "Groupsave" ticket which discounts the price by 34%.


2) Book in advance


All fixtures for the PUCL are decided in advance (see dates in "fixtures" tab) to allow for teams to book train tickets in advance. Prices can be significantly cheaper even booking a week in advance as opposed to day before, so get organised, mark the dates in your calendar and get booking!


3) Consider buying a coach ticket


If trains are still too expensive, do consider buying a coach ticket to London via the National Express. The journey takes longer but can often be a cheap alternative.

4) Ask your union for travel funds

If you're not on the committee of your chess society, ask your president/treasurer asap to ask your student union for travel funds. Explain to them that this is a national tournament with some of the strongest chess playing universities participating. Hopefully they will want to support this!


5) No accommodation needed, entry fee is cheap


This is one easily overlooked aspect of the PUCL. There is no accommodation needed as the PUCL is a daytime event, hence saving costs on overnight stays. Also the entry fee amounts to £5 per person for rated chess which is a bargain in our eyes!


6) UCL is in walking distance from Kings Cross St Pancras


People arriving at the London station Kings Cross St Pancras can avoid spending underground fees as UCL is a brisk 15 minute walk away.




We hope these tips are helpful and if you have any more suggestions on making travel cheaper for universities travelling from afar, do contact us!


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