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Fixtures are pre-set before each match day. The pairings are as follows:

(Please come prepared on game day with this knowledge to make things more efficient)

  • Round 1 (14:00): Board 1: B4-A1, Board 2: B3-A2, Board 3: A3-B2, Board 4: A4-B1

  • Round 2 (15:00): Board 1: A1-B3, Board 2: A2-B4, Board 3: B1-A3, Board 4: B2-A4

  • Round 3 (16:00): Board 1: B2-A1, Board 2: B1-A2, Board 3: A3-B4, Board 4: A4-B3

  • Round 4 (17:00): Board 1: A1-B1, Board 2: A2-B2, Board 3: B3-A3, Board 4: B4-A4

*where A1 = Team A board 1

There are no "home" or "away" matches; all matches are hosted by UCL on its Bloomsbury campus.

Group stages

Division Carlsen

Oct 12th: UCL Bentham's Bishops   vs   Sussex Sharks

                 ICL Nebula   vs   City Knights

Nov 9th: UCL Bentham's Bishops   vs   City Knights

                ICL Nebula   vs   Sussex Sharks

Dec 7th: UCL Bentham's Bishops   vs   ICL Nebula

                Sussex Sharks   vs   City Knights

Division Fischer

Oct 12th: LSE 1   vs   Oxford 3

                 UCL Underdogs   vs   QM Blunder = Sacrifice

Nov 9th: LSE 1   vs   QM Blunder = Sacrifice

                Oxford 3   vs   UCL Underdogs

Dec 7th: LSE 1   vs   UCL Underdogs 

               Oxford 3   vs   QM Blunder = Sacrifice

Division Kasparov

Oct 12th: Oxford 1   vs   Sheffield Cereal Killers

                 LSE 2   vs   ICL Stardust

Nov 9th: Oxford 1   vs   ICL Stardust

                LSE 2   vs   Sheffield Cereal Killers

Dec 7th: Oxford 1   vs   LSE 2

                Sheffield Cereal Killers   vs   ICL Stardust

Division Tal

Oct 12th: ICL Galaxy   vs   Oxford 2

                 UCL Gambiteers   vs   Cassparov's Casstlers

Nov 9th: ICL Galaxy   vs   Cassparov's Casstlers

               Oxford 2   vs   UCL Gambiteers

Dec 7th: ICL Galaxy   vs   UCL Gambiteers 

                Oxford 2   vs   Cassparov's Casstlers


grand finals

Oct 12th/Nov 9th/Dec 7th - Group stages 

Jan 11th - Quarter Finals

Feb 8th - Semi Finals

Mar 7th - Finals

*Note that all matches will take place on a Saturday on the second weekend of that month.

Each fixture day will consist of 4 matches. The timings of these matches will be as followed:

13:30 Registration

14:00 Round 1

15:00 Round 2

16:00 Round 3

17:00 Round 4

(18:00 Prize giving for Finals in March)

It is advised to bring snacks with you. There is no lunch break so please eat lunch before arriving for Round 1.