**Schedule Below**

Fixtures are pre-set before each match day. The pairings are as follows:

(Please be prepared on game day with this knowledge to make things more efficient)

  • Round 1 (14:00): Board 1: B4-A1, Board 2: B3-A2, Board 3: A3-B2, Board 4: A4-B1

  • Round 2 (15:00): Board 1: A1-B3, Board 2: A2-B4, Board 3: B1-A3, Board 4: B2-A4

  • Round 3 (16:00): Board 1: B2-A1, Board 2: B1-A2, Board 3: A3-B4, Board 4: A4-B3

  • Round 4 (17:00): Board 1: A1-B1, Board 2: A2-B2, Board 3: B3-A3, Board 4: B4-A4

*where A1 = Team A board 1

There are no "home" or "away" matches; all matches of the group-stages will be played on, and Playoff fixtures at UCL in Central London (Circumstances allowing)! 

Group stages 


Oct 17: 


Cambridge Cobras vs. Imperial Nebula

LSE vs. Birmingham Lions

Nov 21:

Cambridge Cobras vs. Birmingham Lions

LSE vs. Imperial Nebula

Dec 19:

Cambridge Cobras vs. LSE

Imperial Nebula vs. Birmingham Lions


Oct 17:


University of Edinburgh vs. Durham University

Imperial Galaxy vs. Queen Mary University

Nov 21: 

University of Edinburgh vs. Queen Mary University

Imperial Galaxy vs. Durham University

Dec 19:

University of Edinburgh vs. Imperial Galaxy

Durham University vs. Queen Mary University



Oct 17:


Cambridge Coyotes vs. Loughborough Haze

UCL Bentham's Bishops vs. City Knights

Nov 21:

Cambridge Coyotes vs. City Knights

UCL Bentham's Bishops vs. Loughborough Haze

Dec 19:

Cambridge Coyotes vs. UCL Bentham's Bishops

Loughborough Haze vs. City Knights

Oct 17:


University of Oxford vs. Sussex Sabretooths

Lancaster University vs. Aberystwyth University

Nov 21:

University of Oxford vs. Aberystwyth University

Lancaster University vs. Sussex Sabretooths

Dec 19:

University of Oxford vs. Lancaster University 

Sussex Sabretooths vs. Aberystwyth University


Oct 17:


University of Southampton vs. Imperial Stardust

UCL Underdogs vs. King's Side Castlers

Nov 21:

University of Southampton vs. King's Side Castlers

UCL Underdogs vs. Imperial Stardust

Dec 19:

University of Southampton vs. UCL Underdogs

Imperial Stardust vs. King's Side Castlers






Playing Schedule

Group-Stages (all online):


Round 1: October 17

Round 2: November 21

Round 3: December 19


Quarterfinals: January 16

Semifinals: February 20

Grand Finals: March 20

After-Event (TBD): April 17

Each fixture day will consist of 4 matches. The timings of these matches will be as followed:

14:00 Round 1

15:00 Round 2

16:00 Round 3

17:00 Round 4

(18:00 Prize giving for Finals in March!)

** For playoff rounds, (if played OTB) it is advised to bring snacks with you. There is no lunch break so please eat lunch before arriving for Round 1.