Rule Changes for 2020/2021 Season:

*A Comprehensive list of rules with full technicalities (including these updates) can be found here: Rules


We are thrilled to announce this year's PUCL season will be

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Simon Williams has graciously agreed to support us, so we decided

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1. In view of the global health crisis, we are holding all group-stages and the first playoff fixture ONLINE at! 

2. The 5 groups will contain 4 teams apiece. The new groups will be as follows  [A-E]:







3. This season, fixtures will be held on the Third Saturday of each month. 


4. Whereas we enforced a maximum average rating for the entire team roster last year, we will now enforce the same maximum average rating of 170 per team of 4 selected to play in each fixture. There will no longer be a maximum average rating applied to the entire team roster. This will help to balance each fixture by strength and encourage teams to use all players on their roster!

5. ECF Bronze Membership will only be a requirement for teams that reach the playoffs, since group stage matches will be held online. Group stage matches will therefore be rated (rapid) on Lichess, while playoff matches will be ECF Rapid rated.