NEWS for 2021/2022 Season:

*A Comprehensive list of rules with full technicalities (including these updates) can be found here: Rules

1. In view of the ongoing and unpredictable global health crisis, and for convenience of teams far from London, we are holding all group-stages ONLINE at! We are doing things largely the same as in Season 2. We are hoping to hold the playoffs OTB this season in a sizable venue on UCL campus in Central London. 

2. Groups will be decided once all entries are in. The groups will be as follows: (All legends of English chess.)







3. This season, fixtures will be held on the First Saturday of each month starting in NOVEMBER, and not October as in previous seasons. This will give clubs a chance to reconvene and organize for the academic year. This also means the last playoff fixture will take place a month later. You can find all Scheduling info on the Fixtures page.

4. We have slightly changed the method of calculating a team's average rating. We will now take ECF Rapid ratings first. If a player has no ECF Rapid rating, ECF Standard rating will be taken, followed by FIDE Rapid and finally, FIDE Standard (in that order). If a player has none of these ratings, the team's captain shall provide the most accurate estimate of that players strength as possible.