Our dream

After moving to London and playing chess in local leagues, co-founder Dylan Mize realised there was something lacking in university chess; that is, a league linking universities across the UK. A series of discussions followed with co-founder Michael Green, resulting in the transformation of this idea into a reality. Other members of the UCL Chess Society committee have since become involved, leading to the development of a team of motivated students to deliver Britain’s first University Chess League. We hope it will serve as a fun and exciting way to spread our love for chess, and through it provide a platform for intercollegiate exchange. We will do all we can to ensure the inaugural season of PUCL is a success, and that it continues on as an annual staple event in British university chess.

Meet the team

Dylan Mize

Co-founder of the PRO University Chess league, and Vice President of UCL Chess Society. Dylan's original idea of taking university chess to the next level in this fast-paced and exciting league has finally taken shape. Taking inspiration from the PRO Chess League, Dylan has worked hard to adapt this format for British university chess and hopes to achieve similar levels of excitement. Dylan will be one of the chief arbiters throughout the group stages and playoffs.

Michael Green


Co-founder of the PRO University Chess league, and Events Director of UCL Chess Society. Together with Dylan, Michael was quick to bring the PUCL to life by designing an eye-catching website to match the modern vibe of the PUCL. As well as organising the league and becoming an ECF grading administrator for the league, Michael will be captaining the UCL team (Bentham's Bishops) as he looks forward to an upcoming season of success!

Lawrence Lee


Chief arbiter for the PRO University Chess League, and President of UCL Chess Society. Lawrence will ensure the league runs smoothly.

Mo Wang


As Society Treasurer, Mo ensures the smooth processing and safe bookkeeping of all financial transactions and sponsorship contracts. He will also be around to assist during PUCL fixtures.


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Rob Willmoth Chess Coaching        


Rob Willmoth is a British Master and experienced Chess Coach for students of all levels and ages. He is the organizer of London's top junior club, the Barnet Knights.


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