COVID-19 statement:

In view of the global pandemic, safety of the chess playing community is our utmost concern. However, we also recognize the continued demand for quality chess events. Therefore, we have decided that the PUCL Group-stages will be hosted ONLINE for the 2021/2022 season! We will continue to monitor the situation as playoff time approaches and, while we currently plan to host the playoffs OTB in London, this will be subject to the constantly evolving nature of the situation. We send everyone the best wishes during these times and we look forward to seeing you online!  

It is our tentative plan for playoff fixtures to be held OTB this season. Safety Provisions will be taken to ensure a clean and safe playing environment:

-All tables and chairs will be disinfected prior to use.

-Wearing a mask will be at the players' discretion.

-A large room will be booked for ease of social distancing.

-Boards will be spread out as far as possible given the space available.

-Hand Sanitizer will be available at the venue each day.

Our dream

After moving to London in 2018 and playing chess in local leagues, co-founder Dylan Mize realised there was something lacking in English university chess; that is, a league linking universities across the UK. A series of discussions followed with co-founder Michael Green, resulting in the transformation of this idea into a reality. Other members of the UCL Chess Society committee became involved, leading to the development of a team of motivated students to deliver Britain’s first University Chess League. Dylan and Michael have since graduated, but continue to remain active in university chess in the UK. PUCL serves as a fun and exciting way to spread our love for chess, and through it provide a platform for intercollegiate exchange.


We are proud to say that the inaugural 2019/2020 season was a huge success thanks to our awesome team, immense support from our sponsors (below) and all of the universities who participated. Season 2 was also incredible despite the pandemic, with GingerGM coming on board as a sponsor along with several new unis participating! We believe PUCL has already become the premier University Chess Event in the UK!

**We are also partners in Chess Lifestyle, a new Youtube Channel and chess vlog where they share their personal experiences in the chess world, some insights into their training routines, and some general tips for improving! If you appreciate our contribution to UK chess and the chess world at large, please help us out by subscribing and sharing us with your friends!**

**Both Michael and Dylan are ECF Level 1 Arbiters.

PUCL Season 2 Promo Video (2020/21)

Meet the team

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Dylan Mize

Dylan is a graduate of the Slade School of Fine Art with a Masters in Painting and a philosophy nerd. He is a Co-founder of the PRO University Chess league, Co-founder of Chess Lifestyle, and Vice President of UCL Chess Society. Dylan's original idea of taking university chess to the next level in this fast-paced and exciting league has finally taken shape. Taking inspiration from the PRO Chess League, Dylan has worked hard to adapt this format for British university chess and hopes to achieve similar levels of excitement. Dylan will be one of the chief arbiters throughout the group stages and playoffs.


Michael Green


Michael is a UCL Graduate in Biochemistry, and the Co-founder of the PRO University Chess league and Chess Lifestyle. Michael was quick to bring the PUCL to life by designing an eye-catching website to match the modern vibe of the PUCL. Michael is an ECF Arbiter and an ECF grading administrator. In PUCL's first season, he captained the UCL Bentham's Bishops that went on to take 3rd place. Michael looks forward to welcoming many more teams to the PUCL this season!

young dim.jpg

Dimitrios Pappelis


Dimitris is the Vice President of the UCL Chess Society and as such, will be facilitating the logistics of the playoff fixtures taking place at UCL. Currently pursuing a PhD in Transport Modelling, he spends his free time working on chess both as a coach and competitor, claiming 3rd place in PUCL with the Bentham Bishops and MVP for his 1st board performance in London League last year. Dimitris was impressed by the PUCL experience as a player and aims to support Dylan’s and Michael’s vision as a UCL committee representative in the upcoming season.



Grandmaster Simon Williams, aka the GingerGM is a well known chess personality, Youtuber, Streamer, commentator, and all-around ambassador for the game! His adorable cat (and World Chess Cat Champion) Charlie is a big fan of PUCL, so we're naming the 1st Prize Trophy after him: Charlie Chess Cat Cup!


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